Reopening Plans

Hi Everyone,

So... plans have changed. :-(

As you know, a few weeks ago we happily announced July 1 (or at least the beginning of July) as a great time to reopen Knit House - the actual brick and mortar shop. You know, that place where you can actually squeeze skeins of yarn and see shades of blue up close and in the light?

We gave you a preview of what to expect in terms of health and safety procedures, and we outlined some new guidelines for in-store service.

Well. DARN IT.

Just when you set a date, the world goes through another transformation. 

Covid-19 cases have spiked. The opening up of some sectors of our communities has been put on hold. And in general, the situation is quite a bit shakier and uncertain that it was when we made our big announcement.

In response, and in keeping the good health of our customers and our employees at the front of our minds, we are postponing our reopening.

For now.

We are now shooting for the middle of July, but we will, of course, keep you in the loop for up-to-the-minute newsflashes. 

There are no words to thank you enough for supporting our little shop during these past few months.

Our online community is thriving right now and that gives us hope! We encourage you to check out our online classes, get-togethers, private lessons, personal shopping trips and SO ON... 

We love you and your amazing projects and we miss seeing those Fair Isle cowls in real life. 

Keep us posted on any other virtual services we can provide to make your knitting life richer.

Just keep knitting...


Knit House


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