Below you will find a highly curated selection of vendors from all over the world that practice and uphold values we believe are important. We would like to highlight what makes them unique and why we have decided to carry them in our shop. Diversity, sustainability and quality are standards close to our hearts and we hope to share companies that are dedicated to them the way we are!


Saredo is a company based in NARA in Japan where you will find old temples and shrines. It’s a beautiful historical area.

The company has been producing textile fibers for a long time.

10 years ago, Mr. & Mrs. Kayazawa launched new yarn lines to complement their well-designed socks and other garments.

Saredo is very aware of sustainable products. All of their cotton fibers/yarns are made with ‘Ochiwata’ which is unused fallen virgin cotton occurring in the process of producing cotton fibers. 

Saredo yarn is available exclusively at Knit House in the US.


Woman-owned and operated by an Argentinian Mother/Daughter duo, this amazing company manufactures their handcrafted bags in the US. All products have been lovingly handmade in the United States for over 30 years. Each piece is unique and the quality is unmatched by similar vendors. Atenti's aesthetic is greatly influenced by the vibrancy and spirit of Buenos Aires, founder, Andrea’s hometown. 


Knit & Lifestyle publisher based in Finland and founded by two women in 2016 out of an urge to create an aesthetic, informative and inspiring magazine for knitters. What started as a small company of two women passionate about redefining the knitting scene has grown into one of the world’s most recognised and cherished independent book publishers.


A mother/daughter duo creating knitting patterns and high quality yarn with respect for animals and the environment. Based in Copenhagen. Knitting for Olive is RAF (Responsible Animal Fibers) certified which means their wool comes from animals treated with respect, according to the five freedoms of animal welfare. As animal and social rights advocates, Knitting for Olive aims to ensure their yarn was produced with complete respect for animals, workers and the environment.


Maika means "dancing flower." This sustainable, woman-owned company is based in Oakland and utilizes recycled canvas and vegan leather in their process.  Every single pattern or print you see in the line is hand-painted or illustrated in-house in Oakland, California. As a working professional, multi-tasking mom and avid athlete, Viola wanted products that could seamlessly fit into a busy lifestyle. Every bag combines simple, functional design with perfect everyday details. All the patterns are original artwork from the studio. 


Woolfolk yarns combine the highest quality wool with ethical, sustainable practices. The fiber Woolfolk uses, Ultimate Merino®, doesn’t happen by chance, but by the innovative efforts of farmers to produce the very best wool fiber while being land stewards of the Patagonian Grasslands. Woolfolk brings this exquisitely soft and lustrous fiber in handknitting yarns that preserves the unique attributes of this luxurious wool. 


We stand for inclusion. Rowan is committed to encouraging full contribution from our diverse community and we actively oppose all forms of discrimination. We believe in sustainability, limiting our impact, and the excellent care of animals. We partner with the finest producers and ethical companies all through our supply chain, and we require our suppliers and contractors to reduce their environmental impact and ban the use of environmentally harmful substances.