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Virtual Life at Knit House!

One silver lining of this difficult time of quarantine for Knit House is that it has challenged and encouraged our staff to come up with creative ways to connect with our wonderful customers for the foreseeable future.

The offerings have rolled out over a number of weeks and they are now so numerous that we thought we really should gather them all in one page.

We hope you find this helpful.  

As always, please feel free to email us - anytime - with questions.



Online Store - We have an online store! Yep, we launched this huge endeavor in the midst of the health crisis and we're so glad we did. You all have been incredibly supportive with your orders. More than 95% of the items we sell in our store are included online. Narrow down your searches with our "Search" field (upper right-hand corner) and/or by making use of the "Filter" or "Sort" drop-down menus on each product page. Check it all out here.

Curbside Pick-Up - At checkout, you will notice that you have a choice of how to receive your order: by mail or in person via our curbside pick-up service. If you choose "pick-up", we will contact you right away to arrange a time that works best for you to swing by. When we see you, we will be wearing masks and gloves, so no need to worry. It would be best if you could wear a mask as well.

Winding Service - Want your yarn wound (before pick-up or delivery)? Just shoot us an email ( and we will take care of it for you. Please just 2 skeins per order.

Personal Shopping - If you are looking for more guidance on your project than our online store can provide, consider scheduling a free virtual personal shopping appointment. Just email us ( and we will set up a date and time that is convenient for you. During your shopping trip, we will tour you around the store (via Zoom or FaceTime) and give you all the advice you need to pick out the necessary supplies for your next project. You will have a chance to see our yarns (and everything else) as up close and personal as possible during the SIP. Ariane will guide you and she is a master! These "trips" last about 15 - 20 minutes. If you wish to make a purchase, we will take care of the transaction right then and there. You can then choose whether to ship your items or pick them up. 



Virtual Happenings - We love to knit with others, so we have scheduled 2 knitting get-togethers per week. Free, fun and totally unstructured, we invite you to join us anytime. Just email us (, and we will send you the Zoom link. Learn more about social knitting here.

Virtual Knitting Tables - Fans of Chiaki's Knitting Tables already know that attending these sessions is a great way to knit with others AND get your burning questions answered. It's like a Happening, but with an expert teacher on hand to help you. Scheduled on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10-11, each session costs $10. Click on the session you would like to sign up for and we will send you a Zoom link to join in.

Virtual Classes - About every other week or so, we offer a new class on a particular topic - often inspired by your suggestions. Ribbed hats, exclusive Knit House sweaters, mosaic cowls and stuffed bears are just a few of the projects you can expect to find on our calendar. In addition, we are starting to offer skill-building classes such as: How to Use Ravelry, Cast-Ons, Yarn Substitutions and anything else our customers request. New classes will be announced in our weekly newsletter (scroll to the bottom of the page to join the mailing list), and you can always check this page for the latest curriculum.

Virtual Private Lessons - Would you rather learn in an individualized session? Take advantage of our 1/2 hour private lessons to get the guidance you need for your particular project. No topic is off-limits! Each session is $20, and you may schedule more than one. We've found that it's pretty incredible how much you can get done with Chiaki's expert undivided attention. To sign up, just email Chiaki:  and she will work with you to set up a good time.

Do you have suggestions for other online services you would like us to offer?

We're all ears!