Yarn Company Spotlight: Woolfolk

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Today we thought we would dig a little deeper into one of our yarn suppliers - give you some background and fun details about the company. Why not? :-)

 photo by Woolfolk

One of our favorites is Woolfolk.

Around here, we think of Woolfolk as the yarn that feels like cashmere without the cashmere price.

That's because it is made with what Woolfolk calls "Ultimate Merino" wool - an incredibly luscious fiber that is made with long, flat strands of merino. The strands have a micron count of 17.5, which is a lot less than most other wools. A "micron" is the "diameter measure of a strand of fiber" according to the Woolfolk site, and apparently the small size really makes the wool shine. As a result, it is so cozy to have this yarn against your skin. It knits up into beautiful sweaters, hats, cowls and so on. Chiaki's Knit House Hat kits include one skein of Woolfolk's Tov, and it is irresistible. 

"Ultimate Merino" is also ethically and sustainably sourced from the Patagonian Grasslands - meaning it does a really good job of protecting the land and the people in its harvesting and manufacturing practices. Hard to argue with that. To read more about the process of regenerating grasslands, check out this site.

In addition to the yummy feel of the yarn, we love the palette. It is inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest where the company is located. Its sophisticated and super rich neutrals make the yarns really stand out from the rest.  

Of the 11 yarns they produce, we carry 4 (maybe someday we'll add to that stock when we have a little more room?):

Tov - A 12-ply aran weight yarn. So, so squishy.

Far - A worsted weight yarn in a chainette construction. It's really light and airy.

Tynd - A lovely fingering weight yarn. Socks, anyone?

Flette - A beautiful DK weight yarn. "Flette" means "braid" in Danish and this yarn is a bouclé - the softest you've ever felt.

When we are finally open again, you'll have to come by and squeeze a bunch of Woolfolk. You won't regret it. ;-)


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  • this is so interesting and informative. I have knitted chiaki’s hat patterns using TOV and love how they came out. the yarn is really gorgeous. I think it’s time I try Tynd
    and Flette!!

    Cynthia Trader

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