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Hi Everyone,

When we had the second photo shoot for our online site (by Erra, Inc. in San Francisco), we made the executive decision not to photograph a few items in our store. Magazines, patterns and some gifts were included in that list.

After two grueling 8-hour days of taking photos of yarn, needles, notions and books, we simply ran out of time to add in everything. Besides, we got really punchy after a while... despite the treats. Or maybe that was due to the late afternoon "wine break"??

And while we still haven't worked up to the Herculean task of documenting all of our patterns (we have hundreds!), we have taken the time to (amateur) photograph a few of our previously overlooked products - and we will keep going.

One of the products we have recently added is magazines. We realized that if we wait until customers are allowed to come back and browse our store, all of our magazines will become antiques! So, now we have the latest additions of Vogue, Interweave Knits and Knitscene available for shipping (or pick up). If you are running out of fresh inspiration as this crisis unfortunately continues, these periodicals might be the way to go.


Secondly, we are now selling our exclusive Knit House Kits online! We have a bunch for you to think about, and they are all beautifully designed and packaged by Chiaki. Choose from: Beginner Cowl, Market Bag, Nautical Hat, Knit House Hat or "All You Knit is Love" Bear. The beginner cowl includes a tote bag and needles. Everything you need to get going. 

Would you like to see other magazines in our inventory or do you have ideas for kits?

Let us know in the comments!


Knit House


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