What's (Going to Be) New? Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Turns out there are a few (ahem!) more items coming our way...

Again, we'll just have to wait and see when these goodies are able to ship during this difficult time, but here's a preview of one of the products coming our way:

Atenti Bags

We've been down to one version of these bags for awhile now and it is simply not enough.

Although Atenti makes many different styles of bags and accessories, we are especially partial to the Pioneer style.

This knitting-friendly (in our opinion) design has a 16" rectangular snap frame and is fully lined with water resistant taffeta. Inside it has some very nice details such as a zippered pocket and an open divided pocket with a cell phone slot. The leather double straps are 12” long and there are protective feet on the underside of the bag for when you want to place your bag beside you on the floor at Knit Night.


Atenti was created by two women who grew up in Buenos Aires. They share the same cultural background along with a passion for really fantastic materials, textures, trims and colors.

We love that their bags are rich in detail, extremely high quality, unique in design and completely practical, especially for the enthusiastic (re: has a lot of projects) knitter.

Atenti is family-owned and based in Los Angeles. All of its bags are made in the United States. 


Knit House

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