Temporary Closure

Hi Everyone,

We'll make the official announcement tomorrow, but to give you a little heads-up.... we are temporarily closing the store.


I know, it's a terrible time (when is a good time to close??), but we are trying to stay true to the spirit of California's (and Marin County's) recent lock-down order.

True, retail is still technically allowed to stay open at 20% for now, but does it really make sense to expose our customers and ourselves to so much potential infection? We just want everyone to be able to safely celebrate the holiday with their families. How awful would it be if we were complicit in helping to spread this terrible virus? That's just not a possibility we want to contemplate.

We're just a little store, but we want to do our part. We're going to stay home, keep knitting and not stop ordering take-out from our local haunts.

Allllll of our online stuff remains the same - classes, knitting tables, private lessons and shopping (with curbside pick-up), so please stay in touch.

We can't wait to see you all in the hopeful new year.


Knit House

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  • Well it’s sad to hear that but I agree with your reasons. Trying to be fair to the consumer isn’t always fair to the retailer. I like you all too much to have you get waylaid by illness. Mask up everyone and let’s take care of each other. Knit on!


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