Spotlight On: Urth Yarns

"We are happy to let you know that knitting is just another way to keep the earth green." - Urth Yarns

Great news for those of us who can't stop knitting!

Urth Yarns is a special company and a family-owned business with a commitment to sustainability. Their fibers are extraordinary and their mission is admirable.

Through their partnership with Trees for the Future, they plant a tree for every skein of yarn purchased. This amazing organization is committed to "...changing lives through regenerative agriculture..." and "...revitalizing degraded lands" by planting trees.

We love their yarns for their exquisite color combinations and their extreme softness!

For this recent order, we refreshed our supply of Uneek Fingering - 435 yards of Extra Fine Merino. Gorgeous.

... and refilled our depleted supply of Uneek Sock Kits.


Stay tuned... a red and green holiday-themed sock kit is coming soon!

Plus a zebra kit!


The possibilities are endless. :-)


Knit House



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