New Pattern: Mosaic Hat

Hi Everyone,

Did you get a chance to attend Chiaki's "Which Fingerless Gloves Are You Going To Knit?" workshop? It was a fabulous event, featuring several great fingerless gloves patterns - all designed by Chiaki. If you're in the area, come see the board in the classroom. All of the gloves are displayed there along with tempting yarn suggestions. We have the patterns for sale as well. :-)

In other pattern news, Ariane has designed a new hat for the store - a beautiful mosaic! It's knit in Far from the company, Woolfolk, and it couldn't be softer. 

This is a really fun, way-easier-than-it-looks project. Seriously.

We are giving out the pattern for free with purchase of the yarn to make the hat.

Come check it out!


Knit House

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  • I made the Mosiac Hat in black and white which turned out fabulous. So easy and fun to make. Great pattern. I love this hat so much I’m making another one for my friend. She loves my hat!!

    Cynthia Trader

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