My Favorite Knitting Tools

We have come a long way from the days of straight wooden knitting needles! Nowadays the problem is more often what accessories to get from the vast number out there.

All knitters have their favorites, and here are some of mine. I consider most of these indispensables!

Let's start with one of the most important, the needles. When I was first starting to knit again after a long hiatus, circular knitting needles had all but replaced the old straight needles. They perform the same function as straight needles when working back and forth, but I like the flexibility of the plastic cord in between the 2 needles. I find them lighter to knit with and then, of course, they serve 2 functions: they can also be used to knit in the round! I love both the ChiaoGoo and the Addi needles that we sell in the store, but when it comes to interchangeable needle sets, my favorites are the Addi sets. Why? It is simply their join. They are the only set I know of that uses the turn and click method to secure the tips to the cord. Most others you screw in. I have found the turn and click method a lot more reliable. My screw in sets always end up unscrewing unless I am very careful.

Once you have your yarn on your needles, there are just a couple of notions I can't live without: stitch markers, stitch fixer and stitch stoppers. Cocoknits makes quality products in all these categories. In addition, I like to carry a little sheep tin around with me. It is big enough to carry these essentials on the road.

Once you are done knitting, don't forget to block!! My favorite blocking accessories are the interlocking blocking squares by Cocoknits and the Knit Blockers. I almost never use pins anymore; the knit blockers are so much easier to use. The blocking square can be made into different shapes to accommodate a long scarf or a sweater.


A recent addition that may not be indispensable but certainly makes life easier is the Maker's board. I just leave it out on my coffee table. All my Cocoknits notions stick to it including my non-Cocoknits scissors!



There are plenty of other accessories out there, but these are just a few of my favorites. 

Enjoy your week!

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