Musings on Knitting

Hi Everyone,

Knitting is so much fun, right?

Or is it a competitive sport in your world?

Or both?

Personally, I'm a fan of the philosophy of recently passed and greatly missed, Annie Modesitt (the Heretic Knitter):

“If you are getting the fabric you want from your knitting, then you are knitting the Right Way for you!”

Isn't that a lovely approach to knitting?

No one is saying you should throw out the rules completely, but if you are enjoying the process and loving the result, then voila! you have mastered knitting in my humble opinion.

You don't need to know all of the techniques by heart. Don't you know that's what YouTube is for?

For that matter, you don't need to be familiar with all of the yarns out there. How could you be? There is a such a wealth of fibers in the world. Fortunately, almost everything you need to know about a yarn is on the label and, besides, you can always look it up on Ravelry.

And what about the designers? It's an embarrassment of riches in this department. Personally, I can't keep them straight. Again, I defer to Ravelry.

I love that there are so many resources for us knitters. If you like to fill up your brain with crime dramas and practicing your rusty college Russian (who could that be?), when you forget how to do the Norwegian Cast-On - the instructions are just a Google search away. Phew!

So, this is all to say: Please indulge in what suits you best. If you want to make scarves for now and all time, I hope you will - with great pride.

My deep dark confession is that I don't enjoy making sweaters. Gasp! Some people would consider that a travesty, probably, but I frankly get bored with all of that stockinette. I drool over other people's sweaters, but for me, socks and cowls and mitts are my favorite. Oh, and dog sweaters.

What kind of knitting makes you happiest? Whatever you love, my wish is that you embrace it with good health and good cheer.


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  • Julie such a thoughtful, honest, and engagingly written piece. Thanks for reminding us to just relax and enjoy whichever feature of the fiber life we choose. I enjoy the “making“, the process I guess. I might be inspired by a yarn, or by a project that I see. I love to try and create something I can use, gift, or even undo and try again. With all the resources available everything seems possible! That brings me joy everyday.


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