Looking Forward to Seeing You!

Hi Everyone,

As you hopefully know, we'll be opening our doors again tomorrow.

We're excited to see you!

It's not without great deliberation that we reopen, though. This virus and the dire numbers our state is experiencing have made it pretty agonizing to decide what to do.

Our hope behind the current reopening is that our extreme precautions plus the cooperation of our whole community will protect us all. 

The tricky issue with knitting stores is that it is necessarily a hands-on situation.

Many customers enjoy the option of bringing in their projects to get feedback and assistance on their pattern. Totally understandable and a service we actually really enjoy providing.

We're going to have to be really careful about hands-on help right now, though.

Just know that we may be encouraging more virtual private lessons for those that are stuck. Of course, if the question is something we can answer pretty easily without too much contact, we will be happy to help.

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate this maddeningly difficult and confusing time. We're in this together!

Keep knitting and staying sane.


Knit House


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  • I think your statement, “navigate this maddeningly difficult and confusing time” states very clearly the difficult decisions you as a store owner have to deal with. I can say that when I have visited the store in the past it was quite reassuring to me that you and your staff were doing your utmost to allow shopping in a safe way for customers and staff. Being open keeps all us fiber people happy!


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