Kraft Caddies

Hi Everyone,

We just received these adorable Kraft Caddies from Cocoknits.

I was on the fence about ordering them (not sure why) when one of our customers came in toting one. It looked so cute and practical and fun. An order was placed.

The only thing about these caddies which you might love (or not) is that you need to purchase the handles separately. You attach them yourself. It's so not hard at all, which is very good news. If you'd rather just purchase the caddy on its own, however, that's great, too. I think it would look very lovely sitting on a shelf in your craft area. Or any area.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure I attached the handles incorrectly (I think they're supposed to go the other way), but I like them regardless, so I'm keeping 'em.

Come check them out!


Knit House

p.s. Caddies are $24 and handle sets are $20.

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