Manliness is Knitting?

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A good friend sent me this interesting article from the Travel section of the BBC.

Taquile: Where Manliness is Based on Knitting

On Taquile, a remote Peruvian island, the men in the community learn how to knit chullos (the traditional Andean hat) from the time when they are children.

The women of the island tend to the sheep while the men exclusively knit these beautiful and significant hats. But they're more than just accessories.

"The chullos are seen as culturally significant, playing a key role in the island's social structure and allowing men to show their creativity while also displaying their marital status, dreams and aspirations – some men even use it to show their mood."

Read all about this fascinating tradition here


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  • What a fascinating article about this culture and the part that knitting plays in the milestones of these men’s lives. Thank you for sharing it.


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