Hi Everyone,

Anyone who knows me knows I love to knit socks.

And I'm a double point needle person. That's how I learned, so that's what I use. :-)

Of course I've used all kinds of double points and while they all have their merits, I recently tried our new Karbonz needles and I really love them.

They have great tips, first of all. They're made of brass and are very smooth and just pointy enough. Somewhere between a lace tip and a regular tip. 

And the carbon fiber on the length of the needle (the black part) is a perfect happy medium between a really grippy bamboo and a slick metal. The yarn slides beautifully, but it doesn't jump off of the needles if you know what I mean. 

And they look great. Just a beautiful set.

We have them in all of the sizes and they are starting to go fast.


Knit House



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