KALs Coming Up

Hi Everyone,

We love KALs around here. They are a great way to knit with other knitters and learn a TON in the process!

The next two KALs we are offering are from Chiaki and they will focus on the construction of the top-down sweater.

The first workshop will teach you how to make this sweater - your own way. Learn all about how to choose a different gauge, change measurements and add design details to make this sweater really your own. It's best if you've already made a sweater before you tackle this class.

The second workshop will focus on the same basic design, but it is for ABSOLUTE SWEATER NOVICES. Chiaki will guide you methodically and thoughtfully through the whole process! You will learn so much you won't be able to believe it.

We're also thinking that this second KAL will take place IN THE STORE. Woo hoo!

We will keep you posted. Official sign-ups for these classes will go live on Wednesday when they are advertised in our newsletter. Let us know if you have any questions!


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