Hi Everyone,

Meet the latest member of our knitted family. 

Juliette is a charming little French girl who is still waiting for her crossover bag with a Scottie dog on it. Ariane is working on it as I type...

The accessories for these dolls are endless and one is cuter than the last!

Check out the details:


We are in love with this incredible book by Louise Crowther, a British knitter who is an absolute genius when it comes to knitted dolls.

It's chock full of completely adorable designs. We just ordered some copies for the shop.

And we're thinking of putting together some kits for the dolls. Each takes just a bit of yarn (we're very partial to Spud and Chloe's Fine for this project), so it would be nice not to have to buy the whole skein for every color.

We'll keep you posted!


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