Dishcloth Therapy

Hi Everyone,

We've all been on a little bit of a dishcloth craze lately thanks to this cool book.

Here's my version of the "Cable Knit" design.

I like how this book offers a nice range of styles - from the very basic to the more complicated. I whipped up a few for a friend's birthday along with some nice soap. Lovely little gift.

Interesting to note, though... All of the patterns in the book call for a fingering weight cotton which made us pause a moment because the photos sure look more like sport weight or dk. Going with my gut, I decided to use Rowan's Hand Knit Cotton which is actually technically a worsted weight cotton! To make up for the much thicker yarn, I just reduced the number of cast-on stitches. Fortunately, each pattern is great about listing the stitch repeat necessary for each design. For example, for this cable dishcloth, the pattern asked you to cast on 75 stitches. Since it's a 5 stitch repeat, I decided to cast on 50 instead. Problem solved. :-)

We're getting in the crochet version this week.

Come in and check it out.


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