Crochet Craziness

Hi Everyone,

Who knew that crochet was the new knitting?

We have had overwhelming interest in our latest crochet classes - so much so that they mostly sold out in the first day! 

So, of course we will be offering more.

We'll squeeze in another Beginning Crochet class in September. That's really the soonest we can offer it. There are other classes on the roster! 

We'll advertise it in the newsletter, of course, but this is a just a little heads up. :-)

Oh, and we're ordering more of the Saredo Fairey Floss asap. We love this yarn (especially for accessories) so we're glad you agree.

And crochet hooks, size J (perfect for the Fairey Floss) are on their way!!

Just keep crocheting...


Knit House


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