Copper Needles??

Hi Everyone,

What do we think of these??

It's a crummy photo, but this is a picture of Lykke's newest creation - COPPER interchangeable needles. We absolutely love this company's needles - their driftwood sets are a big hit in the shop (just smooth enough) - so we're curious.

Since the company is not able to send out samples, I'm at a bit of a loss on whether to order these or not. I put our name in the queue, though, just in case. We'll see how we all feel when our time comes up.

They look absolutely gorgeous, but they do offer a polishing cloth to go with your needles, so that makes me wonder how they will hold up?? Do we want to spend our time polishing our needles or are these just so spectacular that they are worth it??

Does anyone have any experience with copper needles? I had never heard of them before!

We'll keep you posted.


Knit House

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