Hi Everyone,

We had a little pow-pow/brainstorming session yesterday and the topic was upcoming classes. One of our favorite subjects. :-)

It was really fun to throw around ideas - there are so many good ones out there!

The suggestions ranged from these adorable seed stitch sheep to a new exclusive Chiaki-designed Knit House sweater KAL (this time a cardigan) and really everything in between.

We've heard some feedback that customers would love to have some skills classes so we're planning on offering a "Cast-Ons" class this fall as well. Great idea, everyone.

We would LOVE to know your ideas. Seriously. After all, these are for you!

Leave your brainstorms in the comments.


Knit House



  • sorry I should have mentioned on my message I sent that I didn’t need to have my comments posted.

    Cynthia Trader
  • The little lambs are adorable 👌🏻💕💕

    Skill classes I would be interested in taking:
    .picking up stitches
    .understanding yarns and how to sub yarns
    .new stitches- eg. seed stitch etc
    .how to read and understand patterns

    I know chiaki is super busy but is there any possibility to add more virtual table classes? Tuesday, Thursday? I think it’s difficult for everyone to sign up for the Wednesday and Saturday (I have been extremely fortunate getting in Wednesday and Saturday)

    Thank you

    cynthia trader

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