Chunky to the Maximo!

What is not to like about Italian yarn?!

New to us is a wonderfully fluffy, soft, organic and machine washable yarn called Maximo. We have it in 8 different colors.


It's a product of an Italian company called Pascuali, known for its high end products.   

Good, 100% merino wool in a chunky weight is not easy to find. Due to the fineness of the fibre, it does not cause any itching when worn directly on the skin making it the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin.

This yarn is sourced from Argentina from GOTS certified farms. The certification focuses on animal welfare and guarantees that the working environment is safe, workers receive fair pay, there is no child labour or excessive working hours. This is done through regular inspections of the entire supply chain; from the farms to the washing, spinning and dyeing.

Using a biotechnical process called Lanazym, the wool is treated with enzymes, which significantly reduces its tendency to felt and pill and makes it machine washable at low temperatures.

This yarn came at a great time for me, i had just been eyeing Camilla Vad’s new knitted top, the Bloom Vest. The base is a chunky merino marled with increasingly more strands of mohair for a wonderfully subtle gradient effect. In addition circular  wool patches are added for a modern look.


  This is also a great yarn for a quick, knitted hat. Knitting with this yarn is divine. It just glides off the needles and is so squishy it may be hard to part with! I was able to make this Chunky Monkey Beanie with just one skein by halving the brim.

This is just a very small sample of what you can make with this yarn. Come into the store for a look (or a feel) and we will be happy to share more suggestions with you.


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