Are You a Beginner?

Hi Everyone,

If you're a beginning knitter or know someone who is, please keep your eyes peeled for a couple of great new little books coming out soon from Modern Daily Knitting.

Skill Set: Beginning Knitting covers the basics - everything you need to know to get started, plus some more advanced lessons for you to keep building your skills. The illustrations are abundant and very clear and the explanations are easily understood. This is a solid resource for beginners... and beyond. Since it includes information not only about the knit and purl stitch, but lessons on mattress stitch and basic color work, it is something to keep in the knitting bag at all times.

Field Guide No. 18: Beginnings is a collection of 6 designs by Karida Collins, the founder of Neighborhood Fiber Co. All of the projects in the booklet utilize the skills taught in Skill Set, so it is a very nice companion piece. I especially like the "swancho" pattern. There are also a few great cowls.

The "Beginnings" field guide comes out on June 4 and the "Skill Set" booklet will be released on June 21. We have both waiting patiently in our backroom.


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