Another Knitting Table

Hi Everyone,

In keeping with our promise to deliver up-to-the-moment info on this blog, we're announcing here first that we are adding another Knitting Table to the weekly roster.

As you probably know, the Knitting Table is the best of a knitting circle and a knitting class - combined. 

Our Chiaki Hayashi hosts the morning groups and somehow manages to get around to everyone's questions - in detail. The superpower she has to fix knitting quandaries via Zoom is pretty darn astounding.

This gathering has been so popular that we've decided to add one more session to the week - an evening event designed for everyone, of course, and especially for those who can't come to a daytime group.

Our new Knitting Table will be hosted by expert knitter, Ariane Hurley, and will happen every Tuesday night from 6-7 pm

We invite you to the table starting on Tuesday, June 30.

The details for signing up will be in next week's newsletter. 

By the way, what other groups would you like to join? Let us know in the comments. :-)


Knit House

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