Cocoknits - Knitter's Block
Cocoknits - Knitter's Block

Cocoknits - Knitter's Block

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First-time blockers are always amazed by the difference blocking makes to the final appearance of their knitting. After blocking, sweater parts lay flat, stitches even out, and what looked like a wild mess now behaves nicely. It’s like magic! 

Blocking Tutorial from Cocoknits

  • 18 interlocking, fiber-topped EVA foam tiles, each measures 12" × 12" (tiles from the new kit are compatible with older Knitter's Block tiles).
  • 40 stainless steel t-pins.
  • 48" square cotton cloth woven with 1" square gingham to help measure your finished piece.
  • A sturdy jute bag to contain the kit