CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL
CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL
CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL
CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL
CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL

CLASS: Bravo Cardigan KAL

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Have you seen Chiaki or Christine wearing this adorable cardigan around the shop? Or maybe you've noticed Stephanie's fluffy white version? This is a popular design with good reason. It's easy-wearing, modern and completely flattering. This simple top-down cardigan also gives you many opportunities to choose your own details along the way. Make one for yourself!

KAL: A Knit-a-Long is a really fun way to knit with other knitters and learn tons of skills along the way. Plus get all the help you need to complete this sweater.
The Bravo cardigan is knit at 14 sts / 4” (a big gauge!!), and Knit House has the perfect yarn to match. (please see YARN section)

Session 1 - Check your gauge. Design choices. Short-row shaping. M1 increase.
Session 2 - Separate body & sleeves.
Session 3 - Finalize the shape & design for sleeves and bottom of body.  Start working sleeves.
Session 4 - Pick up and knit around neckband and front band.

Date - 2022 1/20, 2/3, 2/10 & 2/24    4 Thursdays 12:30-2:00

Fee - $80 for all 4 sessions
6 people (min 2 people)

We ask that you purchase your supplies at Knit House.

Choice 3 - Plymouth "Chunky"
Choice 4 - Juniper Moon "Bud"

Choice 1 & 2 yarns are super soft and very light, making them perfect for this oversized cardigan.
Please check the details of each yarn. The fiber contents and yardages are different.

Size 1 - 850 yards, Size 2 - 950 yards, Size 3 - 1050 yards
The yardage is based on a 24” long back and 3/4 length sleeves.
Please check the details for each size on the pattern.

Please bring your main needles (32” or longer) to the first session.
Main needles - Please take time to correctly check your gauge = 14 sts / 4”.
Needle size - These yarns are so soft and needle size will vary depending on how you knit. Recommended sizes are between US 8~10.5!! 

Stitch markers

Pattern - Please purchase here.