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Hi Everyone,

I'm constantly inspired by the projects our employees and our customers are working on, so therefore, I'm constantly starting work on some new shiny object.

Over the holiday weekend, I finished up Knit Collage's Daisy Pillow. I kept seeing photos of one of our customers' completed pillows and I just couldn't stand it any longer. I actually did not know how to do a single crochet seam to join the two pieces, so it was fun to learn something a little new. Thank you, YouTube. I love the neat seam this technique made.

Make one for yourself immediately. You will be so pleased. It just really brightens up any room in your house. I brought mine to my office at the store and it makes me happy. Besides, what else do you really feel like making in this heat? No Icelandic sweaters just yet...

1 skein of Knit Collage's Spun Cloud for the center color, 2 skeins for the petals. You'll have some left over for your next one.

If you do make a daisy pillow, please send us a photo!


Knit House

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  • Great job! The pillow looks wonderful and such a nice punch of color for the room. That yarn would be fun to work with.


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