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Hi Everyone,

It's hard to believe, but Vogue Knitting, a stalwart of knitting magazines for many years (since 1932!), has decided to reduce the frequency of their issues to twice a year (down from a monthly schedule).

I don't know how many of you rely on their monthly inspiration, but we always eagerly await the latest publication here in the shop. If you are hungry for ideas in between issues, be sure to check out their treasure trove of free patterns. 33 pages of captivating ideas.

The very good news is that they are not closing! Thank goodness.

More positive news is that the new magazine team will be led by the one and only Norah Gaughn as the new editor-in-chief. We expect that the upcoming issues will be of the highest quality (as we have come to expect) and most likely chock-full of the best of the best patterns.

One other sour note is that Knit Simple is no longer. That disappointing, but understandable news, combined with a couple of recent closures of vibrant retail stores on our very street (Koze and Madison), really drive home the terrible repercussions of this very difficult time. And it underscores the importance of supporting our local businesses. You all are doing your part in extraordinary fashion. I can not fully express our boundless gratitude for the amazing support you have shown us over the past few months. THANK YOU.

And yet...we can't wait until we can open our doors again.

It's wonderful to see some of you at pick-ups, if only for a moment.


Knit House

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