Tibetan Cloud

Hi Everyone,

Myak's Tibetan Cloud has been received, priced and displayed. 

It is also out of my office (2 GIANT boxes in one little room)! 

The colors of this yarn are so easy on the eye - dusty roses and muted greens and a couple of more vibrant shades as well. 

The yarn itself is light as a feather and a little rustic all at the same time. 

My swatch for the store is almost done. It's a pleasure to knit with.

Myak gives back to the community in Tibet where these fibers are sourced and their harvesting practices are extremely humane and ecologically minded. It's a really wonderfully responsible company.

Come check them out!


Knit House

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  • I just saw an interview with Paola from Tibetan Fibers. Their story is wonderful and their yarn is beautiful. Not only are they helping the nomadic herders sustain their culture but the future of that culture. Thanks for carrying it.


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