"The Power of Knitting"

Hi Everyone,

A dear friend just sent me an article on the new book, The Power of Knitting by Loretta Napoleoni.

This is not a title that we carry, but it's one that may be worth checking out.

We knitters know, instinctively, that knitting is good for the soul. As Loretta says, "In a fractured world plagued by anxiety and loneliness, knitting is coming to the rescue of people from all walks of life." Have you felt that? I certainly have over these past several months.

This tome is part knitting history - starting way back in ancient Egypt - and part scientific update on the neurological benefits of our craft.

In addition, Loretta travels a journey of growth herself as she recounts her personal history with knitting. Of her memory of her grandmother teaching her to knit she reminisces: "Relax, she whispers, do not pull the yarn too much or too little, let it be your friend, let it dance around the needles." Dancing yarn - when the yarn is scrumptious and the stitches flow freely - is an image we can all appreciate.

In short, there is a lot to discover and ponder in this book. Maybe there is something in there for you?

Let us know what you think!


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  • I love that idea of “dancing yarn”, to take delight in the material. Knitting or crocheting is a wonderful antidote to an anxious world.


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