"Stuck" At Home

Hi Everyone,

I got vaccinated!

Woo hoo!

I know this is getting to be a very common occurrence, but it still struck me as a momentous occasion. I felt joy, relief and a very warm sense of community as I got my shot in a very crowded parking lot at the Oakland Colliseum.

The only negative in the whole experience (which was super organized, quick and easy) was the side effects. Flu-like... and just bad enough to stay home and lay low.

But you know what that means: MORE KNITTING.

And if you think I can stop with the dishcloths, you would be wrong. I'll be going into the dishcloth business very soon. Stay tuned.

I'll be back in the store on Thursday. Hope to see you then!


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  • Congratulations Julie! It’s a very memorable moment. Happy knitting.


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