Hi Everyone,

As you probably know, tomorrow is Local Yarn Store Day, the 4th annual LYS Day ever.

So many of the stores we love are celebrating in a wide variety of ways. Free patterns, door prizes, raffles and so on are all being offered. We are going old-school and are having a simple sale - TOMORROW - to celebrate!

17% off is kind of an odd percentage, but since it takes place on the 17th of April, we thought it wouldn't be too hard to remember.

It's not a crazy huge discount, but it is a very respectable savings!

Hopefully, you will be inspired to come by and take advantage of the day.

We so appreciate your support. Knit House would literally be nothing without you. There is no way to thank you enough for the beautiful community you have created around this little shop.

See you Saturday!


Knit House

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