Rowan’ s Fabulous Tweed Haze

Another new yarn is at the store and this one is a beauty! Rowan’s Tweed Haze is a bulky yarn that is feather light. Add a few discreet flecks and voila!

It is made of 40% mohair, 39% alpaca along with a smidge of polyamide, cotton and polyester. I think of it as thick mohair. The sample in the store is knit on size 11 needles and is so fluffy. The manufacturer recommends size 10 needles. I either size it is a quick knit.

We love this yarn so much, we got all 8 colors available!

Rowan has a design magazine with some suggested patterns. I really like Whirlwind.  I can see that with my fall wardrobe. It calls for 5 balls but I think 4 will be enough if I make it shorter. Other recommended patterns are Cyclone and Blast.
A few other possibilities from some of my favorite designers are : The Sunday Sweater, Sunday Cardigan, and the Wednesday Sweater by PetiteKnit. I also like the Tunturi hat (which is a free pattern on Ravelry) and the Getting Warmer Cowl from Espace Tricot (another free pattern).
In any case, this yarn is worth a look. The colors are stunning and the possibilities endless!

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  • Here you go again Ariane, making me want to knit all the things!! Beautiful yarn and wonderful examples to knit.


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