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Hi Everyone,

We recently had a customer ask if we take reservations to come in and use our classroom table on a Saturday afternoon for some group knitting. 

Different from one of our official Knitting Tables (which require sign-ups), this woman was asking about just a casual get-together with some friends. They wanted to come by and shop and then hang out and get started on their projects.


A friendly heads up is highly recommended (just to make sure we don't have any classes going on at the time), but if the table is free, it's all yours. 

Grab some lunch nearby and then gather your own mini knitting circle. Make an afternoon out of it!

Traveling on your own? You are also ALWAYS welcome to take over our comfy chair in our "library" and work away.

We love visitors. :-)

See you soon.


Knit House

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  • How welcoming is that! Lunch, shopping, knitting, what a perfect day.


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