Need a Project Idea?

Hi Everyone,

While we're always changing things around here in the shop (all new displays all the time), our latest alteration is one worth mentioning.

We've decided to add a bunch of project ideas to our yarn cubbies.

While it is beautiful to gaze on a solid wall of yarn, it can be overwhelming. What to do with all of these fibers?

So we thought we'd add some pattern cards to get you going. Especially, now, pre-holiday season. ;-)

Each card features a big, beautiful photo of the project as well as crucial information such as - yarn used and the pattern source (most from Ravelry). Once you've decided, we can download any pattern you like.

And it's not just the yarn walls that are getting this treatment. 

We have project ideas scattered throughout the store...

Come in (we can have unlimited customers in the store as of today!) and check them out.


Knit House


  • Fabulous and so helpful. Thank you 👏🏻👏🏻❤️

  • What a great idea!


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