Mohair Mystery

Hi Everyone,

So we just unraveled a mystery - a yarn mystery!

A few months ago, we ordered a bunch of new colors of Knitting for Olive's Soft Silk Mohair. And then life got busy and we forgot all about it.

Recently, though, we started scratching our heads wondering where in the heck our yarn was! The cupboards were looking very bare and sad...

We received the tracking information from Knitting for Olive's office in Finland and we discovered that the yarn had indeed been delivered, but to an address in Mill Valley (neighboring city). On further inspection, we realized that it had been delivered to Julie's former business, Once Around, on Miller Ave!


How on earth did that happen? 

We're still not sure (so I guess the mystery is not completely solved), but the great news is that we have the yarn now!

It was worth the wait. The colors of this mohair are absolutely stunning. It's a beautiful palette, and I think we have almost all of their colors now...

Lately, this has been a popular choice for Petite Knit's gorgeous mohair sweater, Cumulus.

Come in and squeeze it for yourself.


Knit House


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  • That yarn has definitely been “once around” now! Can’t wait to come in and see all the colors.


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