Knitting and Crochet is Trending, Again!

The fact that knitting and crocheting is fun is probably no surprise to anyone who reads this blog. It also has great health benefits like reducing anxiety and stress. But now it is even becoming trendy once again. The UK’s most popular publication, The Daily Mail, recently came out with an article highlighting the fact. See the article here.

Apparently crochet bucket hats are big now. Several celebrities have been seen wearing them. I also saw one in the store last week that looked just like the one Hailey Bailey is wearing. In case that is not enough incentive to start crocheting, designer Miu Miu is selling their simple crochet hat for $1,150!

The article references a study conducted by Lion Brand looking into current trends. According to them, space dyed colors, midriff bearing crochet tops, crochet flowers and global community connection is all in. We knew that, but happy to see the information is getting around!
Next week I will talk about other warm weather knits we can get started on now!


  • Fun article! I started as a crocheter and then went on to learn knitting. Now I’m being enticed by crochet items again! I would recommend taking the class at Knit House to learn the basics to add to your crafting skills.

  • Crochet is really popular in everything. There are so many ways to wear it. Wear it as a hat, scarf, t-shirt or even a modern blanket. It is not an old fashion art anymore. I hope the shop has really good crochet classes. If not, I can teach some too!

    Tina Subar

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