June Cashmere in the Spotlight

June Cashmere is an amazing yarn to knit with. It is 100% cashmere from the Kyrgyzstan shepherds living on small family farms along the ancient Silk Road in Central Asia. It is centuries old and an essential element of the shepherds’ nomadic lifestyle.

We get the pleasure to knit with it thanks to the owners of Morning Star Fiber in North Carolina. Not long after opening their mill they met a group of Kyrgyzstan artisans who were traveling throughout the US. They brought this yarn to the US as part of a need to revitalize the Kyrgyzstan fiber industry and help build the country’s economy. They taught the shepherds how to sort their yarn by quality and pay them a living wage for their efforts.
We carry the June Cashmere DK yarn in 16 sumptuous colors. Click here for a look at our selection.
This mid weight yarn is great for accessories or sweaters. Here are some of the patterns the company recommends: The Journey Mitts,  Naryn hat and Taalay vest.
If you want more suggestions, please do not hesitate to ask us! There is a lot more you can make with this June Cashmere DK!!

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