It's Time To Wrap Up Those Knitting Gifts!

Hi Everyone,

Now that you've invested so much effort into crafting a pile of beautiful and heartfelt gifts for your loved ones, it's time to give them the packaging they deserve.

Please enjoy this wonderful photo chock-full of inspired holiday wrapping ideas from our very own multi-talented Knit Night regular, Diane Gsell.

Diane points out the very many ways our wrapping can be eco-friendly and resourceful - with supplies coming from our own pantries and closets. No shopping necessary.

She suggests that wrapping paper can take the form of anything from old travel maps, recycled architectural plans, discarded phone books (remember those?) and even wallpaper sample books. And "bows" can be fashioned from sprigs of rosemary, bay leaves, baker's twine and even trimmed cupcake liners.

The sky is the limit and the simpler the better!

Thank you so much, Diane! You are so generous.

Photo by Patrick Tregenza


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  • What great ideas, thanks! I also use my large Pom Pom maker with ribbon or yarn for gift toppers. Happy holidays all!


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