Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a "regular" work day. We were open and the customers came to visit! It was so much fun.

Today is a "homework" day. No customers to enjoy. :-(

Just us and the yarn.

However... a day like this certainly has its own charms. It's all about NEW yarn, after all.

UPS had to use their dolly to drop off 3 big boxes for us - chock full of the luscious, vibrant, bouncy Knitted Wit.

This time around we're trying their Sport Weight.

A really fantastic yarn, it comes in several lovely gradient collections. 

For instance: Bing Cherry: 1, 2 and 3...

We'll have more information to share with you about all of the enticing patterns created specifically to show off the colors of this yarn (Ariane's knitting a sample).

All fall-themed hues. Best season, right?


...there is a lot of pricing to be done.

And the display...

It's always a challenge to decide how to feature our yarns. Especially new ones. Where should we squeeze them in?

For Knitted Wit's Sport, we've chosen a nice, big basket.

Honestly, though, there's no way all of the colors are going to fit... 







We'll figure it out, though; we always do... Not to worry.

Is this just a good excuse to buy more baskets???

Rustic Bakery has some really great ones at their neighboring Mercantile... 

Latte break and a new display? Sign us up. 


Knit House


p.s. Cynthia just swooped in to save me from some of the pricing. Godsend!!! She innocently thought she was just swinging by to pick up some yarn (for a Ikigai trunk show scarf). Mwhahaha...

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  • So many temptations Julie! Beautiful fall colors. Can’t wait to see which Ikigai yarn and scarf Cynthia chose.


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