Help With Your Knitting?

Hi Everyone,

There are so many ways to get help with your knitting questions out there in the world.

At Knit House, we offer walk-in assistance (as time permits), private lessons (via Zoom and in person), project classes and Knitting Tables.

But what if you don't need a whole lesson and you're just looking for some quick assistance?

YouTube, of course, is an amazing, if overwhelming, resource. Just type in your issue and a flood of videos will come streaming your way. It requires some patience, though, and a little bit of time to review the videos and decide which one fits best.

Although there's nothing wrong with that approach, if you're short on time like me the process can be laborious. Instead, over the years, I have come to rely on 3 different sites for my knitting refreshers (show me that Kitchener Stitch one more time!).


Very Pink

Knitting Help

Purl Soho

In all cases, their videos are clear, consistent and very informative. Kind of like asking a really smart friend for help. Very Pink even has SloMo shorts to show you tricky techniques in at wayyyy slowed-down speed.

Have you made use of these sites?

If not, where do you go for your quick fix knitting help?


Knit House




  • Julie I also use the three sites you write about and like them a lot. I recently found another that I’m liking. It’s called The Chilly Dog. I found it very useful for the underarms on my sweater. Check it out.

  • Thank you so much Julie for sharing these sites. I have spent a fair amount of time clicking on various YouTube videos trying to find the right one to watch to help me fix my problem. Not very efficient and frustrating 😫🤯

    Cynthia Trader

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