Google Class

Hi Everyone,

We've been teaching some Google employees how to knit!

And by "we" I mean Ariane. ;-)

Look at our fancy set up. 

We positioned it all strategically so that the colorful wall of yarn was in the background. ;-)

Before the class, we assembled 30 kits - complete with wound yarn (Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande), needles, tapestry needle and pattern and Isabelle sent them out to Googlers all over the country.

The pattern is really more a set of basic instructions for the world's easiest (and extremely cute) hat. Backwards loop cast on, knit, then cinch the top. No decreases. Make it as a beanie, or knit it a little taller and you get a nice slouch.

To teach a whole bunch of brand new newbies how to knit over Zoom is no simple feat. Ariane hit it out of the park!

I'm not sure how they found us, but I hope we get a chance to teach more groups how to knit. 


Knit House

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  • What a great way to teach a group class. Nice setup, a complete kit, and a beautiful wall of yarn to entice the students! Way to go Ariane and KH.


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