Good News!

Hi Everyone,

Well, that's a headline you don't read very often!

But we have to celebrate the slowing of Covid-19 cases in our county and the press release, as of a few minutes ago, that Marin's stay-at-home directive has been lifted!

For our area, that means outdoor dining is back (just in time for the torrential rain that is coming), small gatherings are ok, salons are open, and retail capacity can increase up to 25% (from the previous 20%) - among other measures.

We're going to stay cautious and stick with our 2-person-at-a-time limit in the shop as we are such a small space, but we seem to be managing that restriction ok. You all have been so patient and understanding.

Anyway, revel in this positive news and keep thinking good thoughts that we are on our way to recovery.

Stay safe and keep knitting!


Knit House

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  • Thank you for your continued vigilance to keep your staff and your customers safe. It is appreciated.


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