Focus on Schoppel Wolle

Schoppel Wolle is a German yarn known for its beautiful colors. We carry several different lines of this gorgeous yarn and I am here today to tell you more about them.

The one you may have seen most often in the store is El Linio. El Linio is made of 100% linen and makes great summer tops. My favorite is Staple Top by Joji Locatelli. Chiaki has made the beautiful Stripes On Stripes shawl with it. It has been a staple in the store since we opened.


The ones you may be less familiar with are Cashmere Queen and Laceball.

The long color repeats in Laceball make it easy to transition colors seamlessly in a shawl. It is made of 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon.


The softness of Cashmere queen makes light, summer tops or beautifully soft hats or mitts. It contains 45% wool, 35% cashmere and 20% silk. It doesn’t feel ‘wooly’ at all, while still soft.

Let me know if you like hearing more about the different brands we carry!

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