Curbside Service

Hi Everyone,

We are loving offering curbside pick-up!

It is so refreshing to see you in person. We've been missing that personal touch and these drop-bys give us just a little reminder of the community that exists around Knit House.

So thank you!

Just to keep you reassured that we are holding your safety in the highest regard, here are a couple of photos of our "Covid-19 Station" at the front door.

You will notice that we have all kinds of sanitizing products, face masks and gloves stacked up by the door.

In addition, we've printed out the county guidelines for best safe practices for all employees to review.

And speaking of employees, how I wish we had our full staff puttering around the shop! In reality, we only have one employee at the store at a time. No overlap. So we don't even get to see each other (except on Zoom)!

This too shall pass, we know, but we are hungry for the buzzing of our store.

Keep your fingers crossed for June!!


Knit House


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