Color Choices

Hi Everyone,

Choosing which yarns to stock is one thing. 

It's usually pretty obvious what "holes" we have in our stash. We're aware if we are low on DK weight yarn or a specific fiber like yak or silk! Plies are another consideration. Single ply yarns are great for beginners and multiple-ply tightly twisted fibers make perfect socks. Lots to think about.

Once that choice is out of the way, there is nothing left to do but... pick colors.

So fun, right?! Indeed, it's one of the best parts of the job. The yummy shades, the unusual names... As a starting point, we always use a loose rainbow order (in case you haven't noticed).

For yarns with a few dozen colors to pick from, this is a breeze!

Companies who offer an embarrassment of riches in the color department, however, require quite a bit more consideration. :-)

You may remember when we asked for help choosing a palette for the new Hedgehog Fibers line. Phew! And thank you so much for your input, by the way. The final decision required a fair amount of cross referencing - among our employees' favorites, customer favorites as well as the most popular of their colors according to Ravelry. There was a further challenge in that all of samples we reviewed were online. Keeping to the social distancing requirements, there were no color cards to peruse, no samples to squeeze. Despite the challenges, we absolutely love what we came up with.

Our latest challenge comes from Knitted Wit. Wow, we really love their "Bulky" yarn. Many of you have made hats and other accessories from this chunky, bouncy fiber. Chiaki even taught a "Honeycomb Cowl" class using just one skein. So pretty.

Since Knitted Wit has been so popular, we thought we'd add a few more colors, along with reordering hues we are starting to run out of.

Knitted Wit's fabulous sales rep, Britt Marie Brehmer, was generous enough to send us the actual color cards for ALLLLLL of Knitted Wit's colors. File this under "be careful what you wish for". We couldn't quite believe it when we received a tower of color cards - variegated in every possible color combination, tonal shades and don't forget about the 40+ solids.

To spread them all out, yes, the only spot big enough was on top of my duvet.

It worked, though! Reading glasses were a must to aid in all of the comparing and contrasting. Cards were shifted and sorted, pinks were scrutinized and then the difficult decisions (too many tempting options) were made.

We love our enhanced palette and we're pretty sure you will too.


Knit House


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